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Chengdu wet mortar manufacturers explain how much time it takes for mortar to set

Author: admin Date: 2018/7/9 Attention: Qr code sharing

Many small partners are not clear how long it takes for mortar to set, today, Chengdu wet mortar manufacturers and you have a chat。

Chengdu wet mix mortar

Wet mixed mortar is transported to the construction site by the professional production plant after mixing water, and the amount of transported square is more。Because the mortar construction is still manual operation, the construction speed is slow, the mortar can not be used up quickly, and it needs to be stored at the construction site for a period of time。In order to provide convenience for the construction, especially so that the mortar sent to the site in the afternoon can be stored until the second day to continue to use, it is stipulated that the design setting time of wet mixed mortar is longer than 24 h, and the specific setting time can be determined by the supply and demand parties according to the mortar varieties and construction needs。

JGJ 70-90 "Test method for Basic Properties of Building mortar" stipulates that the determination method of mortar setting time is that the test mold loaded with mortar is stored at (20+2)℃ at room temperature and measured every 30 minutes。Due to the long setting time of wet mixed mortar, such as measuring once every 30 min, it will cause too many times of determination, and it is not necessary, so the determination time of wet mixed mortar setting time is prescribed to take l/4, 1/2, 3/4 and the corresponding time of setting time of the mortar。

In addition, the wet mixed mortar needs to be stored in a closed container after being transported to the site, so the container containing the mortar should be stored in a closed container when the setting time test is specified。

Ordinary dry mixed mortar is mixed with water on site, can be used with mixing, do not need to store too long, so the setting time is 3 ~ 8 h。The test method of setting time can be carried out according to the provisions of JGJ 70-90。

The above about the setting time of mortar is finished, the content is not much, I hope to help you!

Chengdu wet mix mortar

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