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  • 2023/9/14 Main technical points and attention elements of external wall insulation mortar construction

    In the current social development, the analysis of common inorganic thermal insulation materials shows that they have the characteristics of anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long life, good quality and convenient construction in the construction process, and are also a new type of building construction materials that are more common at present。On the current construction technology induction and summary, insulation mortar construction technology mainly includes the following aspects...

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  • 2023/9/14 Sichuan dry mix waterproof mortar manufacturers | dry powder mortar you know how much?

    Dry powder mortar refers to a granular or powdered substance that is physically mixed by drying and screening of aggregates (such as quartz sand), inorganic cementing materials (such as cement) and additives (such as polymers) in a certain proportion,Shipped to the site in bags or bulk,A material that can be used immediately after mixing with water。Also known as mortar...

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  • 2023/7/15 Chengdu Customs issued 25 measures to optimize the business environment to support the high-quality development of foreign trade

    Chengdu Customs ensured the smooth clearance of the first batch of Universiade related materials at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport。On July 14, the reporter learned from Chengdu Customs that around the implementation of major decisions and deployments on optimizing the business environment, the measures to promote the "16 Articles of Customs Optimization of the business environment" were effective in Sichuan, and combined with the actual development of Sichuan's foreign trade, Chengdu Customs launched an optimized business environment...

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  • 2023/2/6 Writing a new chapter of high-quality development on the new journey -- Analysis of the development trend of the construction industry

    The National Housing and urban and rural Construction Work Conference held at the beginning of this year pointed out that the construction industry is an important real economy, providing important support for economic and social development, we must keep the initial intention of providing high-quality construction products for the society, "in the direction of industrialization, digitalization and green construction industry, and constantly improve the quality of construction."。The meeting affirmed the role of the construction industry in the national economy...

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  • 2023/2/6 14 typical problems and prevention measures on ready-mixed dry mortar share!

    01, ready-mixed dry mortar plastic cracking Plastic cracking refers to the mortar before hardening or hardening process cracking, it generally occurs in the early hardening of the mortar, plastic cracking cracks are generally relatively thick, crack length is short。Cause analysis: Shortly after mortar plastering, shrinkage stress is generated due to the rapid reduction of moisture in the plastic state, and when the shrinkage stress is greater than the mortar...

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  • 2022/9/22 The national self-built housing an all-special rectification "100-day action" consolidation and upgrading mobilization and deployment meeting was held

    On September 9, an all-special rectification of the national self-built housing "100-day action" to consolidate and enhance the mobilization and deployment of video teleconference was held in Beijing。The meeting conscientiously studied and implemented the spirit of the General Secretary's important instructions, implemented the decision-making and deployment of an all-special rectification of self-built housing, summarized the phased results of the "100-day action", and mobilized the deployment of operational self-built housing investigation and rectification.

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  • 2022/3/16 The cement industry has made a significant contribution to the country's "two-carbon" strategy

    Abstract: The carbon emission reduction of cement industry should be a long-term three-dimensional war with great depth, wide fields and multi-modes. The whole campaign should be combined from the near and long term in time dimension, systematically covered from the spatial scope, and coordinated from the method and mode。Hu Shuguang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, professor of Wuhan University of Technology, Building materials industry is an important basis for national economic and social development.

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  • 2021/11/30 Chengdu ready-mixed mortar winter construction precautions

    In order to ensure the smooth construction of masonry and plastering mortar works in winter,The precautions for the use of Chengdu ready-mixed mortar in winter construction are shared as follows: The principle of dividing the winter construction period in the national construction engineering standard "JGJ/T104-2011 Winter Construction Regulations for Construction projects" is as follows: according to the local multi-year meteorological data...

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  • 2021/7/24 About the difference between wet mortar and dry mortar

    Now with the increasing requirements for environmental protection, many cities are also gradually banning on-site mixing mortar and promoting the use of ready-mixed mortar。The advantages are health and environmental protection, stable quality, energy saving and comfort。According to the production method of mortar, ready-mixed mortar can be divided into two categories: wet mixed mortar and dry mixed mortar。The wet mix formed by mixing water is called wet mix mortar,...

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  • 2021/4/19 Effect of retarder on setting property and early strength of wet mixed mortar

    Since entering the 21st century, under the dual role of market promotion and policy intervention, China's ready-mixed mortar industry has been transiting from the market introduction period to the rapid growth period。At present, dry-mixed mortar is the main mortar in the market in our country, and many places have begun to pay attention to the use of wet mixed mortar, but there is still a problem that the quality of the upper wall is unstable after the addition of slow setting components。研究…

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