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Gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar manufacturers

简介—— The main cementing material of gypsum self-leveling insulation sound insulation mortar is gypsum, and has automatic leveling performance, with many advantages: 1, used as a "floor heating" leveling covering layer, good thermal insulation performance

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The main cementing material of gypsum self-leveling insulation mortar is gypsum, and it has automatic leveling performance, which has many advantages:

1, used as "floor heating" leveling cover,Good thermal insulation performance (floor heating compared with other heating methods,The energy saving is about 20%,Such as the use of zone temperature control device,Energy saving range up to 40%);Not like a layer of cement mortar,Cracking and bulging due to thermal expansion and cold contraction;In addition,The floor hardened by plaster base self-leveling mortar has certain elasticity,Feet feel warm and comfortable;And has a certain sound insulation effect。Gypsum based self-leveling mortar is superior to traditional cement mortar in terms of strength stability and thermal stability, and is the preferred material for floor heating system。

2, under the same conditions, the shrinkage rate of cement-based self-leveling mortar is much higher than that of gypsum based self-leveling mortar, to 28 days, the shrinkage value of cement-based self-leveling mortar is about 1.17 mm/m。With the extension of time, the shrinkage value of cement-based self-leveling mortar reaches about 1 after 90 days.3mm/m, but the shrinkage value of gypsum based self-leveling mortar is still maintained at 0.About 19 mm/m, that is to say, the high shrinkage value in the cement-based self-leveling mortar is very likely to cause the self-leveling mortar to crack。The heat resistance of gypsum base is basically stable at 50 ℃, the shrinkage value of 28d and 194d and the bending and compressive strength are almost the same。

3, the porosity of the gypsum material itself can play a role in sound insulation and heat preservation。Gypsum based self-leveling mortar has low density, can reduce the carrying mass of the building, does not contain formaldehyde, casein, VOC and other harmful substances, no ammonia gas release, has significantly improved the environmental protection standards of the entire decoration, is a green and energy-saving product。Gypsum based self-leveling mortar as a ground leveling layer, has the advantages that other materials can not compare, replace cement, reduce carbon emissions of important products, energy saving and emission reduction of social and economic benefits。

4, the use of gypsum based self-leveling mortar construction of the ground,Accurate size,High levelness,No empty drum, no cracking;Easy to do homework,High efficiency,Short time (only 1 day to fill,Shorten the decoration period);And can be pumped construction,Construction is 5-10 times faster than traditional floor materials。The new floor paving process reduces thickness and makes your interior space more open。

5, in the process of use,Adopt self-leveling supporting installation,It is easy to meet the requirements of floor installation,It provides a solid base,The base life can reach at least 50 years;Provide the level accuracy of the floor so that the joint is in the same plane after the floor is installed,Thus protecting the top material,And extend the service life of the ground material。

6, the visual effect is better: the self-leveling ground leveling effect is very obvious, making the floor paved above the self-leveling, the appearance is more beautiful, and the flat base ensures that the floor can achieve the effect of similar mirror, and obtain the perfect visual enjoyment;



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